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Stacy G

Our Pool was the color of Lime Green Jell-O. Our Calcium levels were over 1,000 (plus Cyanuric Acid and all the other bad mineral & Chemicals were off the chart). The water was 8 years old. Leslie’s Pool said to drain it and refill it. We were shocking it and it just kept getting more green.
With Southern California’s drought our conscience wouldn’t let us dump over 20,000 gallons of water down the drain and refill it. My daughter mentioned that she had heard something on the radio about Reverse Osmosis for Swimming pools and I started doing some research. I could only find two companies that have this service in the Orange County Area.
It was Memorial Day weekend and I sent an email on Saturday night and Rick Acaba the company owner called me back Sunday Morning. By Sunday Afternoon he was at our house testing our pool water. Once we agreed to go with the Reverse Osmosis he went home brought back his trailer with the pump system and in an hour and he and his wife and daughter had the pool on the “dialysis” machine in an hour. Should I mention again this is a Sunday Night on a Memorial Day Weekend???
We did walk around to our neighbors and get their permission since there is a generator noise going on from the trailer parked in front of our house.  The generator/pumps have to run for approx. 12 or more hours to clean all the minerals and chemicals out of our pool.
Our house was built in the 1960’s and we couldn’t undo the main sewer line access so we used our washing machine drain line instead. It worked great.
We were very happy with the results and Rick and his team were wonderful.