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How an Reverse Osmosis Service Will Refresh Your Pool and Remove TDS
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How Reverse Osmosis Will Refresh Your Pool and Remove TDS

The weather hasn’t been too kind to us here in Arizona and Maricopa County. We caught a break but we’ll experience these harsh droughts again in the future.

This is a problem for those throughout the state. A problem particularly for those who have pools. The need for water conservation is at an all-time high. The traditional method of draining and refilling a pool to regulate the dissolved solids and cyanuric acids doesn’t cut it.

RO stands for reverse osmosis. It’s a new method to remove dissolved solids without wasting water and relying on harsh chemicals. This leads to water conservation in our area while reducing costs for the upkeep of the pool.

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A Quick Overview of a Reverse Osmosis Service

When the pool water quality suffers, it’s usually the TDS (total dissolved solids) that’s the culprit. The TDS is the build-up of minerals, calcium, salts, and metals. These solids wreak havoc on the interior finish, filtration system, and other vital parts of the system.

TDS increases due to regular maintenance and usage – increase comes from:

  • Chlorine and shock
  • Water balancers
  • Sweat and substances from the body
  • Fill water

Pool owners fight back by increasing chemicals but over time TDS and CYA take over and the usual procedure is to drain and refill the pool.

With an RO service, the water goes through a recycling process.

How it’s done

The service professionals will use a combination of experience and tools to test the TDS of the residential or commercial pool. The pool will show signs of cloudiness, uncontrollable algae, and a salty taste — indicators that service is needed.

The goal is to return the TDS water levels to under 2000ppm (the average to keep the water safe and clean). Reverse osmosis filtration systems push the water through a semipermeable membrane to remove impurities found in the water.


A reverse osmosis service is appropriate to those here in Orange County due to the regular droughts and the need for water conservation. Reverse osmosis saves money, conserves water, and is a quick-and-easy process that brings the enjoyability back to the pool.

It’s good to consider this service once the pool water begins turning cloudy, the TDS goes over 2,500ppm, calcium hardness goes over 450ppm, CYA goes over 100ppm, when algae blooms crop up for no reason, or algae is not longer controllable by normal chemical dosing.

In Search of a Reverse Osmosis Service?

Residential and commercial pools are expensive to upkeep once high levels of cyanuric acid (CYA) and TDS takes hold. The old way of draining and refilling is the thing of the past.

Reverse osmosis is the future.

The RO service we provide at Clear Canyon Water Renewal is a proven process that is cost effective. We have purified over 3 million gallons of swimming pool water.

Get in touch to receive a free estimate and learn how we can help you save up to 85% of the water.