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3 Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis System for Your Pool
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Key Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Treatment for Your Pool

What are the key benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Treatment for your pool?

1. The reverse osmosis system gets rid of high TDS and cyanuric acid

Your pool may have too much cyanuric acid or high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). These dissolved solids may include minerals, salts, and calcium.

After the reverse osmosis process your pool water will be back to the ideal range for calcium hardness, TDS, and cyanuric acid.

Best of all, you will no longer have to drain and refill your pool. Instead, you’ll be able to conserve up to 85 percent of your water. Your pool will again be safe for you and your children to swim in.

2. It prevents scaling on pool walls

Calcium build-up is a common problem for the walls in pools and plumbing which is called scaling. However, you can purify your pool water with reverse osmosis in order to better manage these calcium deposits. The process removes excess calcium from your pool water.

If you want a simpler and less expensive way to prevent scaling, reverse osmosis is your best bet.

Have these benefits convinced you to get reverse osmosis treatment for your pool? If so, let us know in the comments below! And if you have any questions about keeping your pool safe for swimming, please contact us.